The Power of Institutional Investment Data Marketing

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Investment management remains as an industry that is sold, and not bought. Rarely are there impulse buys.

The stakes are too high, and the products (at least superficially) are too undifferentiated or complex. This means that, in the absence of an incredibly strong brand, asset managers need to assertively market and sell themselves if they want to be successful.

Today, it’s the investment data that is driving the first steps of the relationship in the manager search and due diligence processes. Sales comes later.

This is where an investment database profile that is complete from top to bottom is essential. As it becomes more common in the Americas, Europe, and Asia to initiate manager searches by screening databases, a profile that includes both the qualitative and quantitative data, including historical data, is necessary.

One concern that managers typically have, particularly those who are new to investment data marketing, is about the security and integrity of their data and how it is safely warehoused and distributed.

Asia Asset Management’s webinar, in partnership with APX Stream Inc, will discuss the following topics:

  • What is Investment Data Marketing?
  • What is Vault Warehousing?
  • Cyber security in relation to Vault Warehousing
  • How is Investment Data distributed?
  • Cyber security in relation to the distribution of Investment Data
  • Data Integrity
Richard Jackson, Founder and CEO of APX Stream, Inc and Andy Yang, AAM Database Consultant, will discuss the key issues and opportunities during this webinar on Tuesday April 26 at 10 am - 11 am Hong Kong time.
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Event Type: Webinar
Date: 26 April 2022
Time: 10:00AM - 11:00AM 
Venue: Hong Kong
Contact: Annie Ong (KL)
Telephone: 603-27839638

Who will attend?

Complimentary seats at the discretion of AAM will be extended to the following Institutional Investors and Asset Owners:

  • Public pension funds
  • Corporate pension funds
  • Sovereign wealth funds
  • Insurance companies
  • Endowments & foundations
  • Family offices
  • Private banks
  • Commercial banks
  • Trust banks

Paid entry, on a limited and first-come basis, will be extended to AAM subscribers, asset managers and other finance professionals.

AAM reserves the right to refuse admission.



The Organizer, Asia Asset Management (“AAM”), reserves the right to make any amendments, cancel and/or change the programme, speaker, date or venue if warranted by circumstances beyond its control. In the unlikely event of programme cancellation by AAM then a full refund of the fee payment will be made but AAM disclaims any further liability.